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Thursday, July 5, 2012

This is One Shoe You Don't Want to Lose - Cinderella Goes High Fashion

*update* - On July 4th a preview of the new Cinderella Christian Louboutin shoe was picked up by WDW. See images below. I'm not sure but this looks a bit like the Mariah Carey version of what Cinderella would wear, no? And in case you were worried, the red sole is there.

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Word on the street is that Christian Louboutin is partnering with Disney to design a fancy-pants version of the Cinderella glass slipper (read: wicked expensive red-soled shoe) in time for the Cinderella Blu-Ray DVD release this Fall. 

No sneak peeks online yet or news on if this shoe will be available to general public. However, a couple of things I am sure of:

1. These will not be walking shoes
2. They will be Oprah expensive
3. I'm predicting they are going to be clear. Or clear with sparkles. Crazy wild guess.

The trick is, how to incorporate the trademark red sole into the design? You know Cinderella followers are purists when it comes to her evening shoe wear. 

"My monocle is as big as your shoe!" 

I'm thinking any girl getting married at Disney will cut a b**ch in a cage match to get her feet into a pair of these bad boys. Cinderella would have wanted it that way.


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