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Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Anniversary Goofy You Sly Dog You. Is He A Dog? What The Hell Goofy?

On This day back in 1932 A cartoon called Mickey's Revue was screened. The people all knew Mickey , but who the heck was the long eared, bucked tooth guy creepin around? Bingo!! It was Goofy. This is new to me, courtesy of the Disney Insider, but did you know his original name was Dippy Dawg? I have to say I appreciate Dippy Dawg as it's quite catchy and answers the question some people ask, "what the hell is Goofy?".

He's a dawg ya'll. He's Dippy Dawg!

Goofy has been voiced since 1986 by Bill Farmer, who was inducted as a Disney Legend in 2009. The man deserves it. Everybody knows that Goofy scream.

On my sons first visit to WDW when he was  barely 5 years old, the most IMPORTANT thing he had to do was meet Goofy. We bought the Goofy ears hat , autograph book and the two of us stood in line for a loooong time waiting to meet him - this was my pre-Disney Visa card days. My son never complained about the wait, he just quietly stood waiting, peeking around the corner every now and then to see how much closer we were. When we finally reached him it was like Christmas morning and love at first sight.

Thumbs up because this is the coolest thing ever...now get out of the picture mom.

For this reason I have a big soft spot for Goofy. My son, who's 11 now still brings his Goofy hat to WDW with us when we go and we never pass by him without a photo op. He even autographed my sons hat for him which , although a little faded, is still there. Imagine if he had to sign it Dippy Dawg?

I heart you Goofy.

~ Karen

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