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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Must-Do Character Meet-and-Greets (for 2 Grown Women)

A few years ago Karen and I took a girls trip to Disney. While we walked around the Magic Kingdom, we saw line after line of girls and boys waiting to meet their favorite character. We let the kids have their moments, I mean, it would be weird if two grown adults were waiting to meet Pooh, right?

Rounding the corner of the castle (in the very back) stood what might be the best meet and greet opportunity ever. The stepsisters from Cinderella (and their mother) stood, somewhat lonely, with little girls fresh out of bibbidi bobbidi boutique eyeing them warily. I took a picture. We discussed getting in line. The moment ended when the stepsisters went for their coffee break.

We have been kicking ourselves ever since.

So in preparation for our next long-overdue girls trip (date TBD soon!), I have created a round-up of fantastic must-do photo-ops for grown women (and men) alike.

Gaston. Seriously. Imagine the banter and the swagger. This video (from Jeff Lange - this man has everything documented) is worth a watch. He's got some great one-liners and apparently he is new to the character line-up.

Flynn Rider. So word on the street is that Flynn is not on the rotation for meet and greets anymore. BUT, there have been whispers that he will show up for special events. I think the smolder deserves better, but I'll take what I can get. (video also Jeff Lange)

And to round it out, obvi the man himself, Captain Jack... While we have already met him solo, we have never met him together. There may be a reason for this. I am sure we will be competing for his attention, the photo pass guy will have to drag us away, we will argue over Lapu Lapus who the Captain liked better, and so on. And before you say anything, yes we know he's not REALLY Captain Jack. It don't matter.

Hand on hip pose

prom pose
Who else should be on our must-meet list?


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