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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Modern Family Hits DisneyLand - And Now I Want a Pickle

Alright, so the Modern Family goes to DisneyLand was cute. Not great IMO, but cute. However, they did pay homage to some great Disney traditions both big and small.

  • Poncho on Splash Mountain - check
  • Giant Turkey Leg - check
  • Reference to fat people on scooters - check
  • Blisters on your feet - double check
  • Popcorn - check (but I don't think she was really eating any of it)
  • Giant pickle - Wait... what?

Yes, there was a giant pickle being consumed which made me grab the IPad and google "giant pickles at Disney". How had I never noticed these being sold around the parks before? Turns out that they are pretty well known at DisneyLand, but less prominent at WDW.

My snack idea of heaven
In any event, I then had to change my search term to "giant pickles at Disney World" (it's not rocket-science friends). The results were slightly more ambiguous but I did find a message board that provided some insight.

We've had pickles at the Hall of Preseidents in MK, across from the Beauty/Beast Theatre in DHS, and at the Fruit Stand near the entrance to Rafiki Planet in AK... we have not found pickles in Epcot, but that doesn't mean they're not there! LOL!

To all Walt Disney World travelers and pickle lovers, you are welcome.


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  1. I’m from the Midwest, and when I moved out West, I was surprised to see that “Giant Pickles” were popular at the “Greatest Place On Earth.” I prefer a sweet pickle though, but there’s nothing like getting your pucker on than eating a giant pickle! That was a great episode though the way they made fun of some of the more “unpleasant” parts of the experience. My wife had the episode already pulled up on the Hopper I bought because my Dish co-worker told me about the PrimeTime Anytime that automatically records the four major networks. That made it easy for my wife and me because we don’t spend a lot of time “managing” our timers. As busy as we are, we need something like the Hopper when we’re juggling three kids, home schooling, two working parents and planning our next trip to Disneyland!


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