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Friday, May 11, 2012

With Eyes Like That You Don't Need A Costume

  I absolutely LOVE Makeup . I am not nor never will be one of those women who just wakes up and can run out to get a loaf of bread fresh faced .  Even if I was , I feel like I'd still feel compelled to apply some gloss, mascara my lashes and groom the brows. Everything about makeup makes me happy and I pride myself in having some skillz with the brushes. If I could, I'd work at MAC and walk around all day with fuchsia eyes and fake lashes.

  I'm sure you can also guess that I LOVE Disney and don't you know that I found some absolutely amazing Disney inspired makeup! It's pretty amazing to look out and waaaayy outside of my skill level and comfort zone.  Makeup artist Katie Alves transformed scenes from some classic Disney films into unbelievable eye makeup

Pinned Image
The Little Mermaid- My Favorite!!

Tangled- Gettin some smoulder

The Lion King


The Nightmare Before Christmas- LOVE!

Alice In Wonderland

Snow White

Go to her website and check out the rest of her amazing makeup. She also has killer eyebrows that I envy.


~ Karen

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