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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Fare Hike? A Disneyland $7 Diet

Disneyland announced today that they are raising their ticket prices from $80 to $87. The interweb grumbled with displeasure.

But then I started thinking, why not just cut back $7.00 from your park expenses? A Disneyland $7.00 diet, if you will. Here are a list of five common park items that you may consider removing from your purchases to offset the price hike:

1. Turkey Leg - Just typing this makes me a little queasy. But you can save around $9 if you just lay off the leg

gristle and tiny bones. gross.

2. Autograph Book - I love them and all, but at $6.95 Donald can sign the back of the Disney Map just as easily
"Excuse me Donald, but where are your legs?"

3. Disney Ears - wait, no forget it. Everyone needs ears. Add $13.95 to your budget

"I know I am the second child, but you can't deny me ears!"

4. A new pin for your lanyard - It depends on the pin, but you could save around $9.00 here.
pins. they add up yo.

5. Photo Pass - One 5x7 print $14.95. If you bring your own camera or get a Disney Visa you can get one free!
This photo cost me more than my meal
Disneyland tip: FREE photo for Disney Visa Cardholders! Go to the the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area of Disney California Adventure, by Monsters, Inc, for the first hour and a half that the park is open. Show your Disney Visa and your family will be escorted to a private area where you will meet some Disney characters. Then stop by the Kodak store on your way out and get your free 5 x 7 photo!

Happy saving!


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