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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bibbidi Bobbidi Bust Out Your Wallet

The "triple B" really needs no introduction, but in an attempt to make your little girls beg, plead, squeak and squeal more, they've added a new package called The Courtyard Package, or, as my husband would call it-- The Budget Buster.

The Courtyard Package is $85.95 and includes shimmering makeup, nails, an exclusive courtyard hair style, princess sash, face gems, princess cinch bag, and a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique t-shirt and tutu. Note that the t-shirt sizes are youth small-XL and adult sizes small-XL and the tutus are available in two sizes small and medium.

I've done BBB with my daughter twice and last year we rebelled and tried the Pirates League instead. She likes both but both claims the Pirate League is her new favorite. I think it's because the older she gets, the sassier she gets-- and when I say sassy I really mean bossy, opinionated, loud and far too daring for my liking. A pirate seems a good match.

Either place you choose you can't go wrong. They both made her feel special and she walked out looking super Disney cute. The eyeliner at Pirates League lasted for 4 days. For $29.99 that's a bargain right?


Our first trip to BBB. Brings nostalgic tears to my eyes. Note to you all- Hope you get Lakshmi, Emma's "Fairy Godmother". Attentive and a detail freak, she made her look perfect and took her time. No in and out quick with her. I saw her there for Emma's second visit two years later and quickly texted Davina "LAKSHMI IS HERE". Her response..." SHUT UP, NO SHE'S NOT!"  She's our Disney celebrity now.

~ Karen

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  1. I remember this like it was yesterday. When are we going for our makeovers. I think that needs to be on the agenda for girls trip.


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