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Monday, June 11, 2012

Disney's Junk Food Crackdown - So Pass Me the Pop Corners

Disney would like you to PUT THE HO HOs DOWN! Their standards for advertising has changed with their recent campaign to reduce the amount of crap we (and our children) are encouraged to eat.

The new campaign includes:
  • Banning all food and beverage products advertised, sponsored or promoted on the Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Radio Disney and Disney-owned online destinations intended for children 12 and under that do not fit certain nutritional standards by 2015 
  • Reducing the amount of sodium by 25 percent in children's meals served at their theme parks
  • Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables sold in U.S. theme parks to 350 of 400 food venues by 2013 
  • Creating public service announcements promoting exercise for kids and healthy eating habits 
  • Using the Mickey Check logo on Disney-licensed food products that meet criteria for limited calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugar by 2012
Look, I'm all for it. I'm a girl on a never-ending diet and it stinks. And, overall, we (the collective universe of "we") eat way too much. But Karen and I were thinking it would be nice to share some snacking food you can feel (somewhat) good about. 

Monday snack of the week: POPCORNERS

I dig you, triangle popcorn
I discovered these at a playdate for my son. Like popcorn without the annoying kernels in your teeth. And it's a triangle which kind of feels like a Dorito. Twenty-three chips per serving is not so shabby-- you can at least have that "I stuffed a whole lot in my mouth" feeling. I've not yet tried all the flavors, so pick your poison, but they run from basic Butter to Cheesy Jalapeño 

Popcorners - I may just eat the whole bag-- or share with two invisible friends.
That's over double what you get in a Dorito serving (11 chips per serving-- seriously. Who can stick with just 11?)

I'm thinking this is a good bet for the next flight to Florida. I may even carry a bag around the park with me for between dining plan snacks. Just don't ask me to give up my DisneyWorld popcorn, cuz that ain't happening.

Happy snacking~


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  1. I love PopCorners! A main reason to fly JetBlue because they always have them on the flight! :) I like this series. Really great idea.

    Can we talk about the lack of iced coffee in Disney? Please?


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