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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finally I Can Trust My Children With Their iPods, And They Look Cute Doing It

I'm ever fearful of my kids toting around their iPod touch or iPods, thinking that at any moment the big smash will happen , followed by many tears and wailing. They want to listen to their music, I want to prevent a disaster. Have no fear fellow worry warts! I just found these super cute Disney iHome Portable Stereo Speaker Systems. Of course they're Disney themed...did you expect anything elses? We've already got ours picked out.

The official description:

Disney Loves iHome Portable Water-Resistant Stereo Speaker System can be used with all MP3 Players. Take your music anywhere with this tough, lightweight, water-resistant speaker case. Made with a kid-friendly design to last. Built-in line-in cable plays music from any source with a headphone jack including: iPod®, MP3 Players & cell phones. Features two headphone jacks. Premium stereo speakers provide great sound. Zippered enclosure includes handle. Requires four AA batteries (not included). Imported.

Designs include Minnie. Jack Skellington, Kermit and Perry. I love them all and they can be yours for about $39.99. Bed Bath and Beyond has them in stock as does Best Buy ( for $10 more- jerks).

Disney Loves iHome Portable Water-Resistant Stereo Speaker System - Phineas & Ferb
Yes, it's Perry again

~ Karen

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