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Friday, June 22, 2012

Crazy Shirts - Perfect For The Tween Boy Who Loves Disney And His Mama, But Keeps It On The Down Low

My son is at an age now where certain Disney inspired t-shirts cause him to recoil slightly and murmur " mom I can't wear that" while I'm sitting there clapping my hands together like Mrs. Klump telling him how adorable he looks. I get it, he's 11 and I can't have him sporting a Mickey tee with "THE MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH" in sparkly letters. Nor can I have him grow up so fast that a shirt from his favorite place on earth be contraband forever. He's got to represent when we take our trips there, so what to do.

I just found Crazy Shirts while searching for some newer, less " babyish" ( his words ) Disney tees. Here's their " About Us"

Since the early 60’s, Crazy Shirts has seen the islands change from sleepy to sleek, to isolated and up-to-date. Our little company has grown from one grass shack in Waikiki to a diverse group of 41 unique shops that span the globe. You can find our original T-shirts in your favorite vacation getaways from Hawaii to Florida, in our catalog store and on the World Wide Web.

More than just a summer fad, Crazy Shirts has ridden the wave of success for over 40 years. We continue to honor our island roots as we reach out to new markets around the world. Today you'll still find our flagship store anchoring International Market Place. We're making new friends everywhere we go whether it’s in Hawaii or across the Mainland in Las Vegas, California, South Carolina or Florida

This is a keeper for my son. Perry + the ocean = Love
Shirts range from $18 to $23 for kids and higher for adults shirts. If you have a tween girl then never fear, this site will have shirts for her as well. I plan on buying the Perry shirt above for a secret trip we have planned for next year. It's perfect for WDW or Hawaii, if you're lucky enough to make it there.    ** Whisper...my children don't know we're going to Hawaii!!**  end whisper.

Check out the entire collection below , and I'll let you know when the shirt arrives and the kind of reaction I got from it. Hopefully it doesn't involve eye rolling and a sigh followed by " mommmmm"
I'm pretty sure it won't.


Me likey

~ Karen

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