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Monday, July 30, 2012

Check Your Settings, Then Buy This Disney App

Just what my children don't need is another app in their lives that 10 minutes after downloading will be sent to the cloud to collect cyber dust and yearn to be played with. I don't think they will however have a problem with Disney's newest app Pixel'd.

Check out my pixels yo

It's a pixel-art app where you create images, including using stamps of Disney characters from Mickey Mouse to Cars.You pop the pixels into place as you go and then share with your pals You can even connect via blue tooth or wifi and draw with said pal in real time. It comes with a decent amount of free Disney patterns but beware, you have to make a purchase to buy Cars or Princess pics. In other words TURN OFF IN APP PURCHASES! I learned the hard way once when my daughter was 6. The app is free right now so don't delay.

My kids are sampling this right now. So far no one has sighed and declared they are bored .

"Turn off your in app purchasessssssss"

~ Karen


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