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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Disney/Pixar Brave -- a 4-Year Old Review

This past weekend my 4-year old son and I went to see Brave. Here is his review...

shortly after this was taken I ate all his popcorn

Me: Grayson, what did you think of the movie?
Grayson: Good
Me: did you have a favorite part?
Grayson: Good
Me: No, listen. I'm asking you if you had a favorite part. What did you like best.
Grayson: I dunno. Ummmmm. Can we have a playdate with Brendan?
Me: We're not talking about that right now. Tell me about the movie.
Grayson: It was good. <long pause> The bear was scary. <longer pause as I look at him expectantly> And they said "this means war"

(For the record, someone from the Scottish clan did say "this means war" right before a fight scene. Not sure why this stuck with him.)

So there you have it. The evil bear was scary but he soldiered through covering his ears (not sure why ears and not eyes) during the higher stress moments. Depending on your little one Brave could be too much for the 4 and under set, but an appropriately timed bathroom break might do the trick during those ear covering scenes.


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  1. He seems happy enough! No real damage done. : )


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