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Friday, August 10, 2012

Scan And Plan!- Epcot Food And Wine Festival QR Code

I love the Epcot Food and wine Festival , but sadly cannot go this year. There's a lot of Disney events I cant go to this year and thinking about them all makes me weepy. I'm not sure if scanning this QR code with all the details makes me feel better or worse. It's fun to check out the details, but now I feel like more of a loser for getting excited over things I won't get to do.

You can be a loser like me and scan to be jealous, OR  if you are lucky enough to go then scan and plan out all the awesome things you'll be doing. The new Italian Regional Food and Wine Luncheon sounds extra fantastic. You can find me crying into my wine at home instead.

Scan away and have fun...sniff sniff

Oh the torture
~ Karen


  1. Karen, I so feel for you. I can't go back to the world this year either and it is slowly breaking my heart. But this doesn't mean I stop listening to park audio and reading all my favorite blogs... because well, I can't stop now even though I feel incredibly homesick for WDW. So I'm with ya. Maybe we can drink wine and tweet during the food & wine festival. That's almost the same thing but without the lines so we win right?

  2. I just wrote an epic comment reply, and then I realized it would be a great blog post. SOOOO I hope you don't mind, but I am using you as inspiration for next Saturday's post. I'll credit you and link here of course. <3

  3. Estelle , you bring the wine and i'll get the cheese!

    Melissa , we love inspiring!


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