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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lets Get Nerdy -- Vacation Gadget Planning, Disney Style

Packing for Disney no longer involves simply remembering your underwear and sensible shoes. These days a flight to Disney involves downloading your apps prior to take off, remembering all your plugs and cords, and figuring out a way to fit it onto a carry-on. 

Since I have vacation on the brain (8 days, 8 days, 8 days...), for the next couple of days I thought it I would start posting my must have gadgets and apps to keep my family occupied and my sanity intact.

Why The Leap Pad is the Best Invention Ever

The flight to Orlando from Boston is not long. But when you have an active 2.5-year old who's only source of amusement is kicking the seat in front of him and bothering his 4-year old brother, a bag of gadgets is a must. I have seen the mom-blogs that tout "STICKERS!" "CRAYONS" "UNWRAP A PRESENT EVERY 1/2 HOUR". I can only assume these are the same moms who insist on battery-free toys in the house. I tip my hat to you battery free mothers, however I pray at the alter of things that go beep boop.

So here's the deal, it would be lovely if our cherubs were instantly entertained by a bag of rocks but they are no fools. They demand their entertainment too. And given some of the great choices out there, I am happy to oblidge.

So the first gadget in my bag of tricks is the... drum roll please... Leap Pad 2

Wait? Leap Pad 2? You mean there are two versions of this gadget?

Why yes. There are two versions and while the legacy version is still a rock star, the upgraded version just gives you that much more. The biggest bonus of all.... a rechargeable battery pack. This enhancement is a game changer for traveling and takes the stress off planning where to pack the millions of batteries you may need for an entire week of usage.

I've written about the Leap Pad before and mentioned my love for their ever-expanding app store (note: I still say they need to lower the app price point a smidgen). Since I posted about their app store, they have come out with even more games and apps to enjoy. And even a partnership with Sesame Street!

I would also recommend investing in some of the accessories. There is a gel casing that fits perfectly over the device to keep it save from falls and spills. There is also a hard plastic carrying case for storage of the various non-app games and cords.

What's your must-pack gadget or app?



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