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Monday, September 3, 2012

So Many Glass Slippers...So Little Time

Remember our post about the Christian Louboutin ( hideous ) Cinderella shoes? Well someone else and far more budget friendly has decided to throw down their version just in time for the " Cinderella - Diamond Edition" released on October 2.

DSW has decided to release several pairs in partnership with Disney and are calling it their Glass Slipper Collection available October 1. Coincidence? I think not

The shoes , in my opinion, are far cuter and as expected not a budget breaker like the Louboutins . There are several styles to choose from to please a variety of gals. None are glass or even glass looking, but with a price range of $59.95 to $89.95 you cannot go wrong. With a great range of colors from gold to pink you don't have to pick the traditional Cinderella look, though it's there if you want it. The word on the street is that the sole of the shoe will have an embossed carriage logo and blue jewel on the bottom as well. Suck it Christian.

No Mariah Carey butterflies here...and we thank you

Traditional Cinderellie

A lil sparkle..and I love it

Hey now! Slow down girl

Needless to say these will be in our closets before the Louboutins and I'm sure our husbands and wallets will thank us. What say you? Which do you prefer?

Check out DSW.com after October 1 or try the stores too!

~ Karen



  1. I love love love that first pair with the bow. SO CUTE.

  2. Wish my feet weren't so darn big. I lost any interest in shoes bc of my big dogs.... but seeing these makes me want. :*****(


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