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Monday, September 17, 2012

When Your Bestie Goes To Disney Without You...An Impromptu Pity Party

So if you've been following us on twitter - and you really SHOULD be- then you know that Davina is out making memories at Disney this week while I stay behind and feel forlorn. Her updates have been amazing, but it's always so much better to be there with her.

This prompted me last night to do two things ( after I pouted on the couch to my husband about how we should be there too. It was unsuccessful )

First I poured my ghetto crystal light and served it on a Disney Parks napkin .

Don't hate
Next I tried to make it seem like I was part of the action by listening to my favorite Channel 19 Disney music that I found long ago on youtube. I listen to this so much the man should really be at a million views by now.

And lastly, I watched a video Davina and I made a few years ago on a girls trip touring the Yacht Club at night. Appropriate since she's at the Beach Club this week.

Did it make me feel any better? Not really..but I'm sharing it with you in case you've got the Disney blues
too. sigh......

~ Karen

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