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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Break Down Of A`Disney Halloween Costume - With a Touch Of Evil

We take Halloween costumes VERY seriously in my house. Almost too seriously according to my husbands wallet. My house stays moderately decorated inside and a spooky pumpkin or too adorn the outside, so I make up for that in costumes. And yes they usually are Disney related

My daughter has been everything. Snow White, Tinkerbell, Alice In Wonderland , Cinderella and all the sparkly things you can think of. Since she was 3 years old though she has been fascinated by the villains. It was a love/ hate relationship, but watching her was reaction was fantastic. She WANTED to turn away from them but couldn't. It only made her look more. The first time she saw Ursula creep by in Spectromagic ( I miss you ) she squeezed my husband so tight and made a sort of "ooooh" noise, but refused to look away. The dragon in Fantasmic...dumbfounded by it. I think it was her first exposure to watching Snow White , and the transformation from Evil Queen to old hag blew her mind. Don't get me wrong, she loves Snow White, but if you ask her her favorite character from it , the answer will always be the Evil Queen.

Case in point this picture that's been hanging in her room since she was three. Please do not call child services on me if you think it's too scary. Clearly from the artwork on it , she spent hours staring at it and loving it.

I am now framed behind glass to avoid further graffiti

Years ago I bought her the Evil Queen costume, via EBay, and she would just gaze at it. It was always too big for her bitty body , so we put it away in her dress up trunk, and would take it out every now and then to admire. I came home one night about three weeks ago to find it laid out on her bed with a note next to it that stated, "this is my Halloween costume this year". So 5 years later here we are with a sparkly Evil Queen costume that her 3 year old self could only dream about wearing one day. I immediately went into accessory planning mode , since no Evil Queen can be without them.

A poison apple...because what's the Evil Queen without it.

Yes I made this apple and yes I love it. Have a bite?

An Emma approved trick or treat bag suitable for holding massive amounts of candy. This is courtesy of Hot Topic. I don't have the skills to make this

I can hold enough candy for the neighborhood.

Her costume didn't come with the big gold and ruby bling you see above , and of course we need it, so once again I turned to EBay and found this pin.

Pin to the costume and voila...evil brooch complete

 Now for the actual costume and head wrap...well you're going to have to wait for that. Our Evil Queen transformation will be complete on Halloween for you to see. I think it's my favorite costume so far and can't wait to share it!

Now you can see why my husbands wallet recoils at Halloween time, but then again, it does whenever I say the word Disney.

~ Karen

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