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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Limited Time Magic...I Like It

Disney announced the new campaign for 2013 this week calling it "Limited Time Magic" and it seems to have either delighted people or pissed them off and made them sarcastic. I'll be straightforward with you when I say that I never have a problem with anything Disney does. Refurbs that disrupt my riding time when I'm there may depress me, but that's about it.

" Limited Time Magic" includes an " Unleash The Villains" jam on Friday the 13th which I'd give anything to attend with my villain loving daughter. A " Pirate Week" which can only mean more Captain Jack. More of the Captain is never a bad thing. Sign me up for that week as well. The week long Valentines day sounds genius to me. I am not a fan of Valentines day in general, but would sure as hell celebrate my love all week long if it was at Disney. " Long Lost Friends" week should , for me , include Mortimer. My kids used to be obsessed with watching this old cartoon with him in it, and just his pants alone are fantastic.

I'm ready for some fun new things next year WDW. Just save me a seat next to Captain Jack and Mortimer.

~ Karen

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