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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The return of two slow girls...Run Disney has us hooked

 I'll start by saying that this is a long overdue post, but seemed appropriate now . 2014 was the year we ran the Disney Half Marathon for the first time ever at the age of 41. For a time training we did think we might die...but surprise ! We did not. Watching all the tweets from the 2013 marathon made us envious and planted a seed that maybe, just maybe, we could do this. We bought the right sneakers , set our alarms for early morning runs and started. There were times when we both thought we had made a mistake signing up, but we kept on cruising all the way until January 2014.

 While we are far from fast and by no means "athletes" we crossed the finish line and cried and cried and cried. I wasn't sure if we'd return the following year previous to crossing, but as soon as I did cross I knew we'd be back. It was exhilarating, empowering , fun and not too shabby for two old ladies who a year before couldn't run a mile. So just this week as soon as it was open we registered for the 2015 half marathon. It sold out in a day, but if you're ever thinking you want to try one, Disney is it.

 Aside of the elite runners who were finishing when we were huffing away at mile 4, we were surrounded by people like us with a love of all things Disney, taking walk breaks, marveling at running down main street in the dark while amazing people with some of the best signs ever cheered you on. My personal favorite " worst parade ever".
Starting line chaos.

 3 a.m wake up call means no makeup. I wanted to wear my fake eyelashes

Slow and steady was our motto and it served us well. Next year I'd like to amp it up a bit but for us its really about the experience and setting goals for yourself. The whole weekend was amazing, the weather was perfect and we felt like we were right where we were supposed to be. Dressed in Ariel colors , but not quite brave enough to wear a full costume, we did see many that made us jealous. The stepsisters are on our radar for next year.  Any suggestions?

Not one to miss a girls weekend Stitch displays my medal proudly. He slept the whole race

Lashes on ! Celebratory drinks at California Grill. A Best friends tradition

 We know there are loads of people who obsess about Run Disney out there and blog about it frequently. We consider ourselves two average girls who decided to start running so we could run at Disney World. In the process it turned into much more and for all those who thought we'd quit at mile 10...in your face. WE RAN A HALF MARATHON!!

See you in 2015 suckers.

~ Karen

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