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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

She's Crafty, She Gets Around. She's Crafty, She's Always Down

For anyone who gets the Beastie Boys reference for the title of this post, I salute you. 

It's been awhile, but it's time to pick the Crafty Tuesday series back up again! This is where we find some of the best Disney related crafts out there on the interweb. Sometimes we buy these crafts, sometimes we just admire from afar. Either way, we like to share the magic with all of you.

The weeks crafty theme is "shhhhh, I like Disney". I sometimes forget that the general population might not understand my Disney obsession. So it makes sense when not on property (or in the general Orlando vicinity) to tone it down a bit. Wearing my mouse ears on the subway ride to work might get some looks. So I am always on the hunt for items where I can show off my #disneyside (see what I did there?), without coming off as complete loon.

I've got stuff fit for a castle.. tote

Commuting to work and need a good bag for your book and lunch? How about a castle tote? I imagine your fellow commuters not in the Disney know will think you have a thing for medieval castles. And that's ok... because you and I know the truth.

Etsy - $33
Does my hair smell fishy to you?

Little Mermaid colors are the Best Friends favs. Which is why this Little Mermaid themed headband makes me happy. Supposedly it fits toddlers all the way to adults-- which may result in some 4 year old girls giving me the stink eye for stealing their look. I will let you know if I get into any fights on the playground.

Etsy - $14.99

Those poor unfortunate soles... of my feet

I had no idea that this post would be heavily weighted with Little Mermaid finds but I had to include these Ursula knee highs to the shhhh, I like Disney collection simply because these would be so easy to pull off quietly. I imagine wearing these to work under my obligatory black works pants feeling like I have the best secret in the world. Is that a sea witch on your calves? Why yes, now sing. KEEP SINGING!!!!!!

Etsy - $12.00

Pass me my feather, I got to fly

Aside of the long lines for the Magic Kingdom attraction, Dumbo doesn't normally get much play as a fashion icon. Which is why I felt I needed to include this very cool infinity scarf inspired by the dumbo colors in this collection. Magic feather not included.

Etsy - $24.00

These are only a few of the finds out there. We know there are others--how do you guys bring Disney into your day to day? Let us know in the comments section. We would love to hear from you!



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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Ariel headband in this post! I linked to it on my Angie's Fancies facebook page. If you click my name above, it will take you to the special section of my shop which features many more Disney Princess themed headbands!


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