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Monday, September 15, 2014

Disney Half Marathon Outfits .....The Tremaine Transformation Begins .

At last years half-marathon Davina and I marveled at the array of costumes being worn. Some were sparkly, some were sporty and some were just downright amazing - tuba guy we're talking to you. As new and slow runners we decided to just keep it simple and wear Ariel colors, but after seeing so many great ideas we decided to get a bit more adventurous this year. If you've read our posts before then you know our love for the stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella. It's almost as if it would be blasphemous to consider anything else.

Perfection. I die

Our dilemma now lies in how to achieve their amazing look. We're not the type to run in layers of tulle. It's hard enough for us to run in Athleta pants. We did however find these beauties on Rock City Skirts

Drizella = me

Anastasia = Davina

They seem perfect . Not too much fabric, lightweight and spot on with the colors. These are getting ordered for sure. The hard part now is finding the running capris and shirts to match....and no Tremaine outfit would be complete without the lil gold crown and bow.


I've  seen some really good RunDisney outfits posted by other gals and have asked for suggestions on where they bought their items, but we'd love some input from you all. Any great ideas? Keep in mind...we sweat lots and need sleeveless shirts or risk getting very fussy. One step closer to stepsisters already.

~ Karen

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