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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kill, Refurb, Marry - Transportation Edition

Who doesn't love a good parlor game? Thishappyplaceblog.com and Mouseonthemind.com have transformed the classic "Kill - Boff - Marry" to a more Disney friendly version where bloggers are tasked with matching a part of the parks with these three criteria-- slightly modifying the most risque option for obvious reasons.

This edition of Kill, Refurb, Marry takes on transportation.

KILL - This is an easy one. Just the sound of a Disney bus lowering to let on three scooters with a line of tired kids 50 people deep makes me want to hurt someone. Lets not even discuss the fact that the double stroller won't close, the bags at the bottom of the stroller need to be carried, as does the 3-year old who just. can't. walk. anymore.

No amount of soothing Disney music can make me like the bus system. No matter which way you go-- park-to-resort or resort-to-park -- your stress level will rise. Case in point, this Disney bus fight captured on cell phone (note, bus drivers need a raise). KILL IT before we kill each other.

Visiting my 3-year old in Disney bus line prison. 

REFURB - How many times have you been on the monorail and said to yourself, "if it only went to [insert park or resort that is not already on the monorail line]? If you are me, which I am, you have said it every time you have gone to WDW. I get it, money. Everything costs coin and the monorail is anything but a reliable system. It's more iconic than practical but I would love to see the planners at WDW think about some method of rail that could augment the monorail system. 

Next Stop - The Future
MARRY - I have a love affair with Disney boats. There is nothing more pleasant than a leisurely boat ride from the Wilderness Lodge dock to the Magic Kingdom. It's civilized and if I could just ride around on the boat with a cocktail while chatting with the retiree captain, I would. I'm pretty sure when I retire I will be finding a way to make this my part time job. I found the boat ride below on YouTube. Thanks to the fellow interweber who captured this moment of zen. Can't you just feel the Bay Lake breeze?

Well there you have it. Out transportation picks for this Kill, Refurb, Marry. Agree? Disagree? Let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. I couldn't kill the buses mostly because they are the main way I get around. We don't like to rent a car and for the majority of things that just leaves bus. Disney would be much more inconvenient if the buses were killed, but they are definitely frustrating at times.

    1. Agreed! Life would be much more difficult without Disney buses. I complain but I do like when they get me where I need to go.


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