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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Eyes Have It: The Down Low on Disney Lashes

If you know anything about Karen and I, you know we love false lashes. We seek out special occasions to wear new lashes and have been known to take a selfie or two simply to capture the lashes-- even before selfies were a thing (yes we are old).

Lash Selfie Circa 2008
We have always admired the Disney character lashes and it seems ladies around the world do too. Here is our round up of the top 5 Disney lashes-- with a special shout out to Japanese girls who seem to have this market cornered.

#5: Disney Villains. Who doesn't love to be a little bit bad? These lashes (most available on Amazon for $8.99) will have heads turning. It takes a brave gal to pull off some of these bold looks, but if you like to steal puppies or find yourself sabotaging young love at the bottom of the sea, these may be just right for you.

Bad Ass Lashes

#4: Daisy Duck. I have always had a strange fascination with Daisy's lashes. She is so glam and somehow ends up overshadowed by her BFF Minnie. While the US lash market seems slow in capitalizing off her look she is even hard to locate globally. This set was nowhere to be found (in the obvious places) online-- but I betcha I would find this in every major drugstore in Japan. Road trip anyone?

What? Nobody wants duck lashes?

#3: Maleficent. I know, I already mentioned villains. But with the recent MAC and Maleficent make up collection, this bad girl needs her own shout out. This collection is long gone, but you can find it for a price online. Amazon has these lashes listed at $33. An investment for something this fleeting for sure, but wouldn't it be fun?
If I wear these, do I get Angelina's cheekbones?
#2: Minnie Mouse. A lash list would not be complete without Minnie included. Search for Minnie lashes and options abound. Unfortunately, they all seem to be in the wrong country making looking like Minnie a bit cost prohibitive. I did find some fun ones on Amazon at a reasonable "add on" price. For $9.90 (with a total order of $25) you can get the Minnie lashes below. I'm not gonna lie. I just ordered them.

Japanese drug stores must be heaven

And finally, at #1: No lash list would be complete without a princess or two. My princess of choice will always be Ariel so I was thrilled to find the lash set below right down the street at my local Walgreens. At only $7.99 it's the perfect price point for a gal just trying lashes out for the first time, or some old pros like Karen and I trying to save a few coins.

These really should be waterproof-- I'm just sayin'

Did we miss anyone in our list? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

~Davina and Karen


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