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Monday, September 8, 2014

Nailed It...Disney Style

My occupation as a preschool teacher leaves me little time or inclination to get my nails done. With the amount of nose wiping, mouth cleaning and hand washing I do on a daily basis my fresh mani wouldn't last a day. I do however LOVE a good pedicure and I try to treat my fingers before heading on a Disney vacation.

I have long admired the elaborate Disney designed digits on the interweb and since Davina and I are makeup lovers, I figured I'd set out to find us some easy Disney nail art, that we could do ourselves before our next big trip.

First stop is Etsy. Here I found a whole slew of choices and I realized that I've been missing out for a long time. Six pages of Disney dedicated nail designs! Here are a few of our faves from a fellow Boston girl, GuavaJellie. That she is from Boston makes them even bettah'-- excuse us while we go and pahk' the cah'.

Minnie pretty in pink

For the girl who cant stop singing "Let It Go"
Of course Olaf comes with it

Classic Mickey

We know these aren't Disney but how cute is the Super Mario theme?
Davina and I would've been all over these in high school.

The directions on Etsy seem pretty easy and concise. I reached out to the seller/designer Melissa for permission to feature her and she was nice enough to send us a set for review and to use ourselves! Once we get them look for our review, and perhaps even a giveaway. You know we love a good giveaway.

What do you think? Any special beauty routines you do before hitting up WDW or do you keep it natural? Let us know!

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~ Karen & Davina

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