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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Score one for the sweepstakes queen!

It only took 3 years 22 days, 16 hours and 12 minutes but I finally won a contest....or should I say my husband did. Yes after the endless hours of entering and googling HIS name was the one drawn but no matter..I'm going!
The contest was actually the one I have mentioned previously on the Orlando visitors website. Included in the prize is airfare, hotel accomodations , transportation while we are there and park passes. As I told my husband so many times as he mocked me and my contest craziness, someone's got to win and one day it's going to be me. Does this mean my luck streak is over and I should stop entering the others I still feverishly enter every day? Have I peaked after all this time and should I hang up my contest shoes? Absolutely not..there are still so many left to enter It would require weeks in a rehab facility for me to stop. Especially now since I have finally go the taste of what winning feels like. I'm like a junkie craving more. This could be bad.....


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