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Monday, July 26, 2010

That's it. No More Baby Products. The Nap Nanny Gets Recalled

Another one bites the dust. I asked a few weeks ago if there were any baby products that had not yet been recalled. The answer is "yes". My beloved Nap Nanny (http://thebestfriendsguideto.blogspot.com/2010/05/nap-nanny-best-invention-ever.html) fell victim to the latest recall rounds (see recall info here).

In case your keeping score, here is the breakdown of recalls:

1. Infantino sling. Babies can suffocate. (recall info)
2. McClaren Umbrella stroller. Children can lose their fingers in the metal folding pieces (recall info)
3. All drop rail Pottery Barn cribs. Children can get wedged between mattress and side (recall info)
4. Nap Nanny. Children fall out and nothing good can come of that. (recall info)

I should also note that I own each and every thing on this list and have not received a dime back. All recalls involve stopping the use of the item and waiting for some piece of hardware that can magically make the item usable again.

I am waiting for my baby to actually be recalled. Seems to be the logical next step.


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