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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I want surfer girl hair

I want to be a surfer girl.

I want to be tan, tone, carry a board and look hot doing it. Catch a huge wave, slap a fellow surfer high five, avoid a great white shark biting the end of my board, attend a pig roast, marry the big Kahuna.....well perhaps now I am getting carried away.

I can't even swim that well forget surf so the most I can hope to get is surfer girl hair. My hair is at it's best after a dip in the ocean and wind dried after sitting out in the sun. I do'nt brush it or fuss over it and yet it's always when I think it looks best , so I am on the hunt for some surf hair products and will try them all until I find "the " one.

Bumble and Bumble has a surf spray that retails for $22. It can be bought at their website or at CVS online, which of course is out of stock. It claims it is great for " Anyone; excellent for wavy types and surfers with winter blues; adds body to fine hair; a nice texture for silver hair. " Silver hair ? Ok then....not sure what that refers too but it must be a hit with the older silver fox ladies.

I will be trying it..order is on the way

KMS also has a sea salt spray that it describes as follows: " Recreate the look and feel you get from the beach; tousled, sexy, with fullness and a lite matte finish "

Sounds good to me so I will be on the hunt for this one as well. It is rumored to be available at Target but I didn't see it anywhere. Amazon has it for about $12- 15 depending on the vendor. This may be an ebay purchase for me.

I realize there are other assorted surf "pastes" and gels available- my husband uses the Garnier surf paste for his hair-but I want a spray. My hair is long and the paste just does'nt cut it for me.

Have a product you like and it's not here? Let us know. If you've used any of the products i've mentioned , comment below which and review them for us. My reviews will be up as soon as I get my surf goddess goods.

~ Karen

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