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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beers and Ears - My Husband Just Wept With Joy

My husband doesn't know it yet, but if he looks at his IPhone in the next few minutes he's going to see a new app appear that is going to transform his next Disney trip.

I like beer. It's yummy (sometimes) and tastes great on a hot day being forced by my 4-year old to watch the trains outside Epcot Germany. But my husband LOVES beer. He's tried to brew it. He loves to find obscure craft brews. He tracks his beverage finds on a beer app with other beer nerds.

I'll skip the Amstel Light, thanks.
And now our loves have collided with the new Beers and Ears Disney app. It's a beer tracking app that will take you to all corners of WDW to locate the perfect brew. Looking for a Hawaiian brewed beer? Check out the Kona Cafe where you can find Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale as well as Kona Longboard Lager.

Something a little more local? Check out some Florida Avenue beers from the Cold Storage Craft Brewery based out of Tampa (you can find it at the Swan and Dolphin hotel).

The app includes a mapping tool and a way to check off the beers you have tried during your vacation. They also include their blog postings and beer reviews from their website http://beersandears.net/

Now let me just say that I know how much I <insert sarcasm here> love it </what is the sarcasm end tag?> when my clients make enhancement suggestions like they are no big thing. So I will add that I think this app is good as is. However, since mobile app development pays my bills in my non-Disney day-to-day life, I would like to throw some ideas out there to the developers for the next release:

  • A check-in function that includes the ability to take a photo of you and your beer. 
  • A comments/ratings option for each beer with an option to share publicly - especially useful is a beer is no longer available.
  • A wine-lovers version for me. 
Looking forward to trying this out on our next WDW visit.

Happy tasting!



  1. Brilliant app! My husband would approve.

    I second the motion for a wine lovers version! Now that is something I could get down with.

  2. Thanks for the kind words about our app!

    I developed the app in-house in my spare time; here are some thoughts about your suggestions.

    We love the beer check-in app Brewski Me. We're not planning to become a check-in app, but sometime in the future we may be able to link to Brewski Me from the app (this capability doesn't currently exist).

    One enhancement we are looking at is putting our reviews with each beer like we do on the site. As far as user ratings and comments, currently we don't save any user information back to the site (the checklist is saved on the phone and iCloud). It's something to consider for the future though.

    Also, this isn't the first time we've heard a request for a wine app. Again, something to consider for the future.

  3. Hi Scott,

    Great job for a side project!

    My husband uses the UnTappd app for check-ins and thinks it's pretty good. He has taken it as a personal challenge to try the vast majority of craft brews on our next Disney trip-- using your app as our guide of course. I'll let you know how it goes!

    Thanks for the comments.



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