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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Deep Thoughts...With Stitch

Lots of people have asked us..."BF's, you both seem so tight with Stitch. What's his favorite ride at Disney World"? Personally I can say that this is a tough question for me to answer. I know I have my favorites--Splash Mountain being one-- but he seems to avoid the water rides. Last time he took a shower cap out with Davina and they both covered their heads fearfully.

Rather than have me answer for him I went straight to the source, and of course once he reminded me, I knew exactly what his answer would be and why...

Waiting for the ferry after drinks, Stitch seemed at ease and a bit tipsy.

The Magic Kingdom was crowded and the Halloween decorations were a favorite of Stitch's

He did get upset when we realized we had left his costume behind

After a full night of rides-- he sat out Splash that night-- and trick-or-treating we decided we needed a break and went on what would be Stitch's favorite of the night

The People Mover... I was over served

Surprised by his answer? Well, like you, I figured for such a hyper and fast guy, he'd prefer something more like the teacups or Big Thunder Mountain. I can assure you he rode both of those, but he did get sick after the teacups. According to him it was an "off night". We know it was the multiple Mai Tais.

The People Mover... a respite from the chaos and great for hangovers.

~ Karen

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