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Monday, May 7, 2012

Disney Really Wants Your Kid to Use a Spoon

Disney has been busy turning gesture based development on its head. Remember when you thought swiping and pinching at your smartphone was revolutionary? Well kids, get ready to control your phone without touching any screen at all. Or have your couch turn off the TV and lights for you when you fall asleep. Or the best, try eating cereal with your hands and be scared to death by a sound similar to the Lost hatch button (watch the video at 2:54 to see that one).

The video below is quite nerdy, but there are some highlights towards the end that even non-nerds will appreciate.  Not sure scaring the crap out of your kids into using the right utensil is the appropriate use for this new technology, but I am guessing the engineers either don't have kids or were hell bent on working out some family dining issues.

My one complaint, I am really not in love with the name Touche. All I can think of is Douche. And yes, I know that's not a word.

Apple should totally get together with Disney... oh, wait a second. Interesting....



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