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Monday, May 14, 2012

Listen Up Disney World

When I work I like a little background music to keep me motivated. In Karen's post At Last I Have Found You she discusses how she has been searching the inter-web far and wide for Disney resort muzak and found her fix on YouTube.

Her post got me thinking, while 8 minutes of YouTube is better than nothing, someone out there must stream this stuff, right? I mean, you can watch live video streams from resort balconies on eyesonears.net -- so why not an audio stream?

And then I found Magical Mouse Radio. I mean, there are ads and the occasional station identifiction interlude, but it's basically my dream radio station. All Disney Resort inspired tunes-- including some surprises. Did you know they play Jimmy Buffet at Old Key West? Which, now that I think about it, duh.

Trust me, it's worth a listen. I'm pretty sure I never knew the Jungle Cruise has a little jazz medley going on in the wait line, or that Animal Kingdom has an ambient jam worthy of a spa visit. So take a listen and next time your in Disney keep your ears open. What you hear may surprise you.


Magical Mouse Radio features the best Walt Disney World music & resort audio around! Come listen to extinct attractions, current parades, resort TV loops and more! We have audio from all corners of Walt Disney World!


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