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Monday, May 14, 2012

More Dreamy Disney Wedding Dresses = Torture For The Married Lady

   In my mind I see my dreamy vow renewal at Disney- perfect for a freak like me and my two Disney freak children. It's an excuse for a trip AND I get to be the center of attention, which I somehow seem to like more than I should. The wrinkle in my vow renewal is my husband . It basically will never happen as he loathes being the center of attention and Mickey is a friend he likes to visit occasionally, not yearly, monthly, weekly ( dream on ) like myself.

  So, I look at all the Disney inspired wedding dresses and I dream of my renewal that will never happen. I've had my one Disney wedding to attend and I fear it will never happen again. So please feel free to invite me after looking at all these beautiful dresses from the new 2013 collection. Each one inspired by a princess, suitable for all different body types and personalities.

Ariel-because even underwater she looked fine. Make her hair red please

Jasmine Kardashian

Rapunzel- If it lands you Zachary Levi more power to you

Aurora AKA Sleeping Beauty- Flora won...it's pink

Cinderella...yes that's right CINDERELLA. This picture doesn't represent that to me at all. Not sure when a woodworker
in a bad vest slipped her shoe on. I like Davinas picture much better from the Louboutin post

Snow White inspired. Girl went and ate the poison apple

The entire collection of new and old Disney dresses can be found here. We'll be sure to RSVP yes to anyone who invites us to their Disney wedding

~ Karen


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