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Monday, July 9, 2012

The California Grill - A Retrospective on Delicious Goodness

When we heard the news that the California Grill would be shutting their doors for a few months, we had a wistful moment. The California Grill is where I (Davina) had my wedding reception (the Napa room). It's where Karen and I planned my wedding (yes, my husband was involved, but you know how it is), it's where we went with our husbands for a wine-infused one-year anniversary, and it was the site of a follow-up girls trip.

In short, the Cali Grill (we are on nickname terms) is special to us for so many reasons. To think they may be changing it even slightly makes us nervous. We like it just. the. way. it. is.

Well, "just the way it is" with a few suggested modifications. So if you are listening California Grill refurb team, here are our top items we would like to see changed and what we would like untouched.

  • Bar Seats. No better place to chill before Wishes starts. Well, top of Bay Lake is a close second but that's another post. All I ask is that you keep the bar patrons limited so it doesn't get overcrowded, K?
 No girl wants to stand with her drink in hand. We're lazy like that
  • Lighting. I should not be able to look across the table and see Karen's wine-teeth. She should not be able to see mine. So lets dim it down, shall we? Some lovely fuzzy lighting that makes everyone look Barbara Walters airbrushed would be best. The last visit was like high def meets florescent office lighting at its worst. Ug.
See those filthy glasses and wine teeth? We do to and it's not enjoyable. Dim the lights.

  • Whatever this is. Please don't take this off the menu. I will cry.

Don't ever change this.

  • Large wine glasses with a generous pour. Glug. Glug.
  •  Dress Code. It burns my eyes to see jean shorts and t-shirts in a place like this. I get it, Disney is casual but that does not mean you just give up and throw on your "I'm with stupid" t-shirt. There should be some dress code aside of "no shirt, no service".
Dress Code = Mouse ears optional.

  • Private Dining. Every Disney fan needs to experience the California Grill private dining. Our suggestion, plan your next family reunion in the Napa Room. It's like you have the whole place to yourself.
Keep the private room. Best.wedding dinner.ever. And look at that view.

  • Children. We have children and we love them. But we would not bring them here. Lets ask all parents to find a sitter for the night as well.

These children are corralled in a private room under the watchful eye of Karen's husband.

  • First Class Service. At my one-year wedding anniversary Karen organized to have my wedding flowers and special personalized menu at our table.
Special table set up for an anniversary? No problem AND right by the window.

Where else do you get this on your table? Girl please

  • First Class Views. 'Nuff said

NEVER get rid of that view

Water parade from the windows? Don't mind if I do.
Thank you Cali Grill for all the great memories. We love you and we can't wait to visit you again.

~Davina & Karen

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  1. Fantastic post!
    I've never been to the Grill, but I'd love to someday.
    I agree with most all of what you've said (the things that apply to me, that is). For as high-class as it is, they really could step it up.
    Kids in a restaurant of this caliber is a pet peeve of myself and my family. I understand that WDW is a place for families, but why can't people have enough sense to leave the small ones behind when heading to somewhere this classy. My parents always leave my brother and I behind whenever they dine somewhere up-class, and we're in our teens.
    Also, there already is a dress code. It used to be rather strict, but it's become looser in recent years.


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