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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crafty Give Away - Or, A Shameless Plea for Twitter Followers

Everyone loves free. And who doesn't love crafts (except my husband)? Which is why we are excited to be giving away one of our crafty Wednesday finds to a random twitter follower. 

Here is the prize:

Minnie Mouse phone charm. This super cute minnie cheerleader charm could be dangling from your phone.

Here are the rules we just made up:

Our goal (because we want something from this too-- nothing is ever free) is increasing twitter follows. So we would love you to follow us at @bestfriendguide. Once you do, leave a comment below with your twitter handle. If you already follow us, leave a comment below saying you already follow (thank you, BTW) and leave your twitter handle so we can verify (not that we don't believe you or anything)

Next Wednesday we will randomly draw a name out of a hat, or throw a dart at a list, or spin around and whack at a piƱata. Let us worry about that part. Your part is easy peasy. 

~Happy following
Davina & Karen

*note* Just in case you are thinking, "well, I have an IPhone and there is no place to put a charm". Here is a handy tutorial for you. 



  1. Oh heck yes, I already follow! You know me @lovelizzie823 - love ya!

  2. As a former cheerleader, I love anything to do with cheer!! This is super cute for kids and us adults!!

  3. So cute! This is the best reason I have ever heard to join twitter...I'm IN!

  4. Following you as @Leighbra :)


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