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Thursday, June 21, 2012

" I Smell Liquor" ! - Another Unexpected Character Photo...Or Was I Hallucinating?

If you read our posts then you've surely heard us mention our love of character photo opps. Yes our children are usually involved , but what we love even more is when it involves us and ridiculousness.
Case in point below

Seriously...just look at his face

This poor pirate form the Pirate Cruise had the misfortune of docking exactly as our intoxicated party left California Grill after a night of celebrating. We weren't driving so never fear. Another bonus of staying on property.

As we approached him for a photo he looked at us, almost with the same look on his face as above and said in his piratey voice - this is a direct quote I will never forget- " I smellllll Liquor" !

I love him and always will. In our frenzy to get a shot with him, we missed our boat returning to Wilderness Lodge. Davina and I swear the people on board cheered as they pulled away without us.

~ Karen

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  1. Girl, you know they cheered when we didn't make the boat.


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