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Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Want To Be A Fairy..And GOOD GOD NOW I CAN!!

I may be 39 years old but if there's one thing I love it's sparkles. Sparkly makeup with the word fairy in it has me swooning and fanning myself. Not for kids but for GROWNUPS - like me- is the Pixi Beauty line of cosmetics available on line and at Target. This is not your mamas Target makeup , as it looks like a high quality brand found in department stores that I love to get glammied at.

Pixi Beauty offers a “regular” line of cosmetics, and the PixiGlow line is a part of its larger collection.

Seriously, how cute is all this stuff?

The Fairy Face Palette is A whole face in a case - 5 eye colours, 3-colour blush palette, 5 lip creams  and duo eye applicator, blush brush, duo lip applicator. For $34 it can be yours and you KNOW it's gonna be mine

There's a Catching Shadows eye crayon for luminous pixi eyes - $18.00

A " Straight On Till Morning" ( sigh ) liner- $15

Magic Tink Tint- Super-moisturizing tinting lip balm that goes on clear and turns into a pink tone . For the name alone it's a must- $16.00

PixiGlow Nail Color - $8.00

And yes....there is Fairy Dust - $14.00

Honestly I don't know how it took me this long to discover this makeup but here's hoping that it won't take you as long. Every lady deep down wants to fly with fairies and sparkle luminously. Maybe the next time we run into Peter Pan, he'll ask us to hang out with him more.


~ Karen

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