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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thor Lays the Hammer Bling Ring Down

When I think of the Avengers merchandise I think of  boys stocking up on Iron Man masks, fake Hulk fists, and plastic Thor hammers.  And frankly, I feel a little left out.

I just saw The Avengers last week and I found myself regularly leaning over to my husband whispering, "I think Hawkeye is hot, who's your favorite". He would respond with an exasperated, "There is only one woman so it's not a fun game for me."

In any event, I really enjoyed the movie (see our 11-year-old boy review) and since I am not in the habit of collecting action figures, I was hoping for some girl-friendly Avengers merchandise.

Behold, the 1928 collection of Marvel Comics inspired jewelry. I will forgive their lack of Hawkeye in the collection since there are some cute substitutes.

Some of my favs from the collection:

A bling bling Thor Hammer ring ($22) - I imagine wearing this in the mall where a 10 year old boy will stop me, point to the ring, and nod knowingly. We bump fists and he heads into Game Stop and I continue on to J Crew.
I'm Thor! With Sparkles!

How about busting out some double terrycloth Captain America wristbands the next time you visit the gym ($10)? These bad boys are sure to keep the workout moving, or at the very least, make you the coolest kid in the spin class. Shield not included.

Hawkeye makes a girl need to dab her brow. Lawdy.

You can check out the entire collection at the 1928 website.


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