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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Review Of The Swan And Dolphin...Plus a Deep Thought By Stitch.

The Disney girls trip of choice is typically The Swan and Dolphin. I'm fortunate enough to have a bestie with a Disney vacation club membership AND a Westin timeshare. Family time is used by the DVC and girls time is Westin. Luckily don't you know that The Swan and Dolphin is a Westin owned hotel so it's a no brainer that that's where we stay. Close to Epcot and HS, walking distance to the Boardwalk, firework views and great food all in our grasp. Yes, we are deprived the magical express but we deal, then move on. Mears is our friend.

Our first trip we stayed in The Dolphin and had a fantastic view of Epcot similar to this

I wish I took this picture, but did not. I swear though..we had this view

The next trip we moved to The Swan , but we're fixin on asking for The Dolphin again next trip. It's bigger with more choices for food, but overall both buildings are great. Each has a conference feel to them but I can't imagine doing girls weekend anywhere else. The hotel also has a fabulous spa, Mandara and we both had killer massages. The inside of the Mandara itself is gorgeous and rivals any other around. It was peaceful and completely relaxing after a day spent hoofing around the parks

Spa time = yes please

Still a great view from The Swan .

courtyard view below..we tore it up there one night after dinner at California Grill

one of the advantages of walking to Epcot

The ladies enjoy pool time

Lil grotto behind us

Nana bought some gift shop glasses

Heavenly beds y'all...but wait . What's missing?

Oh damn..there you are Stitch!  Even he can't resist the powers of the heavenly bed.

Swan and Dolphin, The BF's are coming for you soon , so be ready. I'm pretty sure that our furry blue guru will also be there with us , divulging words of wisdom and looking for mai tais

~ Karen


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