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Friday, June 1, 2012

Second Star To The Right...Or The Boat Ramp At The Contemporary After Too Much Wine

Sometimes the best photos happen when you least expect them. You can wait in line for an hour only to have the character "take a break" or your little one has a meltdown and runs away... not so magical.

In this case we weren't with our little ones, but as Davina mentioned before we LOVE to take advantage of character photo ops with just the right characters.

One night after leaving the California Grill (3+ bottles of wine later), we were sloshing our way down the boat ramp to catch a ride to the Wilderness Lodge. Almost as if we were in a dream, who do we see skipping down the ramp directly towards us but Peter Pan.

I think we were both in disbelief. Where else can you randomly see Peter Pan skipping (yes, of course he was skipping) down a boat ramp at 11PM?

Not one to let a moment go by I begged Peter to stop by saying it was Davina's one year anniversary-which it was- and would he PLEASE take a picture with us. As a side note, we are convinced Peter thought it was OUR one-year anniversary which makes it even more awesome.

please ignore the wine teeth
He stayed in character the whole time and we loved him a little more after our impromptu meet-and-greet.

Lesson: Keep your eyes open, you never know when magic will strike.



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