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Monday, June 4, 2012

Who's Nails Are The Shiniest Of Them All?

Alright I'm a little behind on this since the polishes have recently been released. I'm typically an OPI gal, so I wasn't expecting Essence to come out with a complete Snow White Collection just in time for the slew of SW movies. If you look hard you may just find them, but I had a difficult time since Disney freaks like us tend to buy and buy quick!

Put the polishes in here and get the hell out

Snow White is the red one, followed by all her dwarfs

The sparkly toppers are The Evil Queen, The Huntsman, Prince Charming

The Nail art is an 8 year old girls dream come true, but I'm all about that Evil Queen file.
 Check WalMart and Target for any stragglers or better yet check the Essence site itself. Good Luck and remember...don't bite the apple


~ Karen

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