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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If You Love Castles You've Come To The Right Place

Of all the Disney Parks, sadly I can say I've only been to one. WDW consumes me and keeps me from trying others...well that and the airfare prices to try other far away places. Looking at pictures of all the different castles though is a favorite hobby and like many of you my breath was taken away by the Disneyland Paris castle. It truly looks amazing

Right now the Disney Gallery has an exhibit featuring the famous castles of Disney Parks and films. The centerpiece is a replica of the Paris Castle that will make you ooh and ahh.


They also have wall art showing how the castle fits into the landscape and what's inside each of them. This is one exhibit I'd love to see since the castles fascinate me. If you are heading to Disneyland anytime soon make sure you hit this up.Small replicas are also available to buy but now I just need a shrink ray invented so I can live in them.

Amazing. Me thinks the BF's may need a Parisian ladies trip

~ Karen

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