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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bibbidi Bobbidi Big Red Wig- Merida Makeover Now At BBB

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Walt Disney World offers 'Brave' new package
You've seen my Bibbidi Bobbidi Bust Out Your Wallet post so you know I'm a fan of the BBB and all it's glittery goodness. I'm also a fan of fantastic big red wigs, so if you're heading to Disney anytime soon and looking for a  new look check it out. The Merida " Brave" makeover.

The "Merida" package includes "a fiery and curly "Merida"wig, shimmering makeup, face gems, princess sash, and princess tote bag." The cost of the package is $54.95 plus tax, but for $5 more, a princess may also have her nails polished. The "Merida" costume and crown may also be purchased at an additional cost. If I were you, I'd bring my own costume since the fairy Godmothers have a tendency to overcharge for frocks.

If anyone has already done this makeover PLEASE send us pictures. As two redheads we love to see a fellow red get the spotlight. It ends soon for some unknown reason so hurry up!

~ Karen


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  1. I dunno ladies. This doesn't seem cute to me? I love a redhead as much as the next one (hell I'm always trying to look at Ariel) but is this pretty enough for BBB? haha THERE ARE NO SPARKLES HOW WILL THESE LITTLE GIRLS SURVIVE? ;)


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